Council Budget for FY 2006/07


Grass cutting (including churchyard and Charney Field)               1100  

Street cleaning                                                                     300

Insurance (Council share of total premium)                                 250

Parish Clerk's expenses (including printing of Charney Chatter)       150   

Oxon Assn. of Local Councils Subscription                                  140   

No Parking sign for Bridle Path                                                  85

RoSPA Inspection of children's play equipment                             69

Internal audit fee                                                                   60

External audit fee                                                                  59

Council web site                                                                    59

Christmas tree                                                                      40

Donation to Abingdon Citizens Advice Bureau                              30

 Donation to Hanney British Legion                                             30

 Donation to Oxon Association for the Blind                                 30

Donation to South and Vale Carers                                           30

Hire of Village Hall for Council meetings                                      28

Membership subscription, OPFA                                                25

CPRE membership                                                                   25

Councillors' expenses                                                             20

Ock Green Lease                                                                    1

Rubble for Mill parking area (notional figure)                               200

                                                                    Total budget  £2,731